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    Welcome to Andalusian Horse Export
Welcome To Andalusian Horse Export
Looking for a dreamhorse? A wonderful undertaking awaits!
Choosing Andalusian Horse Export, will minimize the risk and maximize your success ofbuying your horse in Spain.

You will get all the services you and your horse require, until your new partner is home
with you.

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Andalusian Horse Export, is not a referral service. We KNOW the horses we are offering to you … you will never be recommended a horse that we wouldn´t buy for ourselves .

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Deep knowledge of the hourses and trainers mastering the ins and outs of the breed and the disciplines.


Unique horses for each rider needs


Do you want a smooth, quiet, well trained horse to enjoy, bond and ride for a lifelong partner?

We are having great success finding them one at a time, for women who want to ride the cloud…


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Categorized horses for sale catalogue including: Andalusian PRE Alta Escuela, Dressage, Pleasure Riding, Bullfighting Horses, Doma Vaquera, Lusitanos, Arabians, Mares, Geldings, Colt & Fillies... also wonderfully painted by nature special colours horses!

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Testimonials No better reference than a satisfied customer

Angelika Grossman

Buying a horse usually is like getting married.
It has to be the right match and it is supposed to last.
And to speed up the process you have to contact the right match maker!
I had looked for my Lusitano for nearly two years. Two visits to Portugal and Spain convinced me more and more I was looking for the right breed.
But several beautiful well trained horses fell through the Piroplasmosis test during the prepurchase Vet check. I was devastated. Those horses could all be sold within Europe or to Asia. But not to me.
I did not give up.
There had to be an:
*Iberian Stallion: Andalusian or Lusitano
*physically and mentally sound
*piroplasmose free to be exported to North Amerika
*perfectly healthy vet check
*clean x-rays
*complete dressage training


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Emilie Laval

I went to Spain to buy a dressage high level, quality PRE stallion to bring back to Canada.
I decided to work with AHE, as they was highly recommended to me. I was not disappointed at all. They have the best eye you can have. They knew already, between all the horses I had selected, the one I would choose. When I first met AHE mana ger I asked her :” which
one do you think will fit me the best ? and without hesitation she said Abanico.”
She was right all the way. We had a great week traveling through Spain with her.
She is truly professional, and always in a good mood. She became a friend !
She also did a lot of extra work for us (sending the horse to training, TRC etc), and all the importation went so easy !
I will work with her every time I buy in Spain, that’s for sure !

Emilie Laval


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